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Survey in pdfs

The survey

Below you can see the pdfs of the survey you will be asked to fill out on line in English, Español, Français, Português, and Italiano. The other languages: 日本語 (Japanese),  Farsi, Polski, and Ελληνική (Greek) and on the next page. These pdfs are just for reference, the survey should be answered online through the link on the home page. The first page of the survey offers you a list of languages to choose between, tick the language you want and then "next" and the survey will change into that language. There are also excel sheets on another page of the website where you can keep a record of the patients you screen from 12-16 December.

WSD survey Español pdf

WSD survey Français pdf

WSD survey Português pdf

WSD survey Italiano pdf

Dysphagia Diagnosis Survey

Dysphagia Diagnosis Survey